A student studies for the driving test

How to Study for Your Driving Test

The driver’s test can be a little scary for some people. Many people don’t pass it their first try, mainly because they don’t know how to study for it. There’s nothing wrong with walking into the DMV with confidence, but approach the situation with the mindset that what you’re doing is challenging. Let’s take a look at how to blow the test out of the water.

Buy a copy of your state’s driver manual.

Your drivers ed class may provide one, but if they don’t, a driver's manual should be easy to get your hands on (many have even moved online). This will have all of the rules and regulations for your specific state. As you go through, highlight or leave sticky notes one the items that you think you will have the most difficulty remembering. These are usually the things that contradict what you already knew. For example, you may not need to mark the part about wearing a seatbelt (hopefully), but you might want to make a note next to the part about how to handle yourself in an accident.

Find a buddy.

You don’t have to face this challenge alone. Find someone - a friend, a classmate, your mom - and take turns quizzing each other about different rules of the road. You’ll be surprised what you remember from your time with a study buddy. Plus, one of the best ways to know that you’re actually learning something is to teach it to someone else.

Use technology to your advantage.

There are many websites out there (such as Drivers Ed Guru and that provide students with practice tests and review games that will help you cement the knowledge into your memory. Learn from the people who have come before you, in a way much more effective than simply memorizing your driver manual. There are also many study videos on YouTube for anyone who is more visually oriented.

Make sure you know the street signs.

I know you think some of them were only designed to trick you on your exam (and you may be right), but it’s important to know what each road sign means. Some of them look very similar, so make sure you spot the differences. This is not a game where speed is an advantage, so take your time to learn everything that you can before getting behind the wheel of the car.


Nothing teaches you about driving better than actually putting your knowledge into action. Grab a parent and go explore the roads around where you live. You will be much more comfortable with your driving instructor if you’ve already had some practice, even if it’s just going around the block a few times. Practice may not make perfect, but it definitely makes driving easier.

Last Updated: October 02, 2015