Specialized Career Paths within the Computer Science Field

A computer science degree is a broad area of study. Once completed, students will use their computer science degrees in a variety of specialized areas of employment. Each area requires a specific set of skills and background knowledge, and each comes with its own benefits.

Software Engineer
When organizations require their computers to perform a specific task, they hire software engineers to develop computer programs for that purpose. Since computers are dependent on software for their utility, software engineers are an integral part of any organization where computers are used.

Information Security
Also known as InfoSec, information security is the branch of computer science that aims to protect data from unauthorized access and misuse. Since a high volume of sensitive and potentially damaging data is stored in databases around the world, threats to this data have also developed as a result. Information security professionals develop countermeasures and monitor this data in real time.

Artificial Intelligence
There is currently a race to develop thinking and learning capable machines and software. This field of study is built around the central idea that intelligence can be precisely described using mathematics, and is therefore able to be replicated by software and machines. Artificial intelligence experts are often at the cutting edge of various technological fields as well as in the field of computer science.

Computer Hardware Engineer
Our computers are only as useful as the hardware that drives them. Hardware engineers are involved in the testing and production of current and next-generation mother boards, processors, and other components found in most computers. These folks are the reason that computing power and capabilities tends to increase at ridiculously fast rates.

Web Developer
With more and more information utilizing cloud computing (storing data on servers rather than individual computer hard drives), web developers are becoming an important part of many computing initiatives. The web gives unparalleled access to data and applications, and as such, web developers are constantly working to improve the accessibility and utility of the web. They work with businesses to develop web portals, as well as the application and storage utilities found on the web.