A mother helps her daughter with her math homework

Tips for Helping Your Children With Their Math Homework

Math can be an incredibly difficult subject to learn, and if your children are having a hard time, they’re not alone. If they need a little extra assistance, here are some valuable tips to help your kids finish their homework and get excellent grades.

Set Aside Homework Time

If your child has trouble with homework, they may not want to do it. If you set a particular time aside each day or week to work on math homework, it will encourage your child to work on it. Not only does it promote development, but it will also create a schedule that may continue through high school. Figure out a time that works best for both of your schedules and start working on homework together. If you need to set a timer for problems or the session, you can easily do so using this line countdown timer.

Print Out Worksheets

Having more problems to work out are essential to building problem solving and math skills. It can be difficult to get additional worksheets from school, but there are plenty of websites that allow you to download and print out worksheets. DadsWorksheets has more than 8,000 sheets to choose focusing on various areas where children have difficulty. Another great site to get math problems is Math Drills. At this site, you can print of conventional drills that are used by parents and teachers all over the United States.

Use Online Calculators

Finding an accurate online calculator is essential to helping your child learn. You need something that’s easy to use that your child can figure out on their own. Thankfully, DadsWorksheets also has an online fraction calculator and an online percentage calculator that any age can use.

The fraction calculator allows you to input information and change the type of problem your child may encounter from addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. In addition to the numbers, the fraction calculator even displays a visualization to encourage your child to see the math as they work. Overall, it makes the learning process much easier.

Percentages can be hard for anyone and visualizing math problems can make the process much easier to figure out. The online percentage calculator turns the problem into an easy-to-read visual pie. Additionally, it explains what the percentage is in four different ways to help your child learn how actually percentages work.

Create Flash Cards

One of the easiest ways to learn is using flash cards. These cards encourage a child to learn complicated multiplication, addition, subtraction, and more without thinking. Printing off these cards and turning it into a game can make learning even more fun. DadsWorksheets has several free printable flash cards for various subjects including multiplication for double digits, division by double digits, division with remainders, exponents, and so much more. If you’re looking to use flash cards online, you can do so using Fact Monster’s online flashcard game. It allows you to go from the easiest level to harder mathematics, such as the addition of two triple digit numbers.

Bookmark Websites

Learning can be simple when your child has all the tools needed in one place. Here are a few websites you can bookmark that will make math a breeze:

  • DadsWorksheets: Worksheets, flash cards, online calculators, and more.
  • Fact Monster: Online flash cards, tables and formulas, and measurements.
  • Math Drills: Printable math drills that focus on multiplication, addition, division, and more.
  • IXL Math: Math skills divided by grade from Pre-K skills to Pre-calculus skills.
  • Interactive Sites Weebly: Interactive games focusing on a variety of math subjects.
Last Updated: June 20, 2017