Electrical engineer working on a roof

What Can You Do With an Electrical Engineering Degree?

Are you interested in learning about your career options with an electrical engineering degree? If you currently hold a degree in the field, there are a variety of different, in-demand positions that you could qualify for. Electrical engineers can work in many different public and private settings, from a manufacturing facility to an industrial plant. This is primarily due to the fact that engineers specialize in designing, developing, and testing electrical devices, and electricity plays an important role in virtually all industries. If you want to scope out your options, here are some in-demand career options that you should consider:

Research Engineers
Research engineers may work for corporations who develop products, but they more commonly work in the labs of scientific research and development firms. If you’re a creative scientist with a great deal of patience, this may be a good choice for you. A research engineer works with a team of other specialists to develop new electrical devices, test existing devices, and design better overall products during the discovery stage of product development.

Design Engineers
After a team of research engineers has invented a new product, the models and simulations are passed on to design engineers. These electrical engineers are responsible for turning the models and simulations constructed by the research team into an actual, mass-producible product. Electronics have several tiny parts that must work together, and the design team is responsible for the internal design layout so that these separate parts function together.

Project Engineers
If you have strong leadership qualities, you may want to consider becoming a project engineer. After you gain experience in the field, you can land a position where you will be in charge of overseeing research and design teams who have been assigned to develop a new technology or prototype. Project engineers need to motivate teams, make recommendations, and lead the team. They also need to demonstrate their proficiency in the field.

Test Engineers
A test engineer's job is to troubleshoot a device when it is not functioning properly. If something goes wrong, the test engineer will be responsible for identifying the problem and finding solutions to ensure the technology functions properly in the future. This job requires you to spend long hours performing routine tests, which means that you need to be able to stay focused for long periods of time.

As you can see, electrical engineering is not a limited career field. With many different professionals needed at various stages in product development and testing, there is a place for every electrical engineer. Decide what position you would enjoy most, reach the level of education you need to pursue that position, and do what you can to become a valuable asset in a growing field.

Last Updated: June 20, 2017